“It Has Now Been Revealed That So Many Lies Were Told About Me & My Wife” Says Dr. Muscat After Publication of Egrant Report In Full

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The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the publication of the full Egrant inquiry showed the extent of all the lies told about him and his family. In an interview on ONE Radio , Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, referred to the Leader of the Opposition’s decision to publish this inquiry and said that now he must shoulder the responsibility about the publication, which goes against the advice of the Attorney General.


The Prime Minister had already declared that he will be publishing the report after a process led by the Law Commissioner in order to ensure that investigations are not prejudiced in any way.

Dr. Muscat said he can now speak freely and it is evident once again how clear the conclusions were. “It has now been revealed that so many lies were told about me and my wife, it is clear someone falsified signatures” said the Prime Minister.

Once I become a private citizen, stated the Prime Minister, I will ask for justice.

“I hope a full investigation is called to ensure the people who invented these lies and those who falsified signatures are identified”


“I hope justice is served and my family and I are completely cleared from any blame or suspicion.” said the Prime Minister.

“If anything, the publication of this inquiry shows how not only this company (referring to Egrant) is not mine nor my wife’s but there was an attempt to frame me up” added Joseph Muscat, he said that he bore political responsibility for others.