50 Questions & Answers with Chris Fearne

A video uploaded on Chris Fearne’s social media accounts shows Dr. Fearne answering 50 quick questions, showing us what he likes (and dislikes!).


First off, the basics, he states that he likes Rock Music, particularly the song Brothers in arms by Dire straights and this year’s best movie is Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the story of Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury.


What do you hate in politics? Personal attacks he answers, what gives you the most satisfaction? Results, positive results and the possibility to change people’s lives for the better Dr. Fearne says.


Who would you prefer, Dom Mintoff or Joseph Muscat?

A tricky and difficult question to answer, Dr. Fearne says they are two political giants who worked to improve the situation in Malta. I worked with both of them and have respect for both.

Watch the full video :


Chris Fearne is asked if a marriage between two men is different from a marriage between a man and a woman, he says that it’s not!


What does he think about the Nationalist Party today?

He smiles, asks the interviewer to ask something else and jokingly looks away! He doesn’t say anything but he meant a lot!

The interviewer keeps asking about the Nationalist Party and asks him to name one politician from the Nationalist camp who he admires. Dr. Fearne says that the PN has some good politicians but now the PN facing some problems.

He talks about Censu Tabone, ex-PN politician who later became President and states that he was a good politician.

Why should anyone vote for the Labour Party again?

“Because the Labour Party has a positive track record and is able to get results, the Labour Party is capable of solving all the challenges facing us nowadays” he says


The interviewer asks Dr. Fearne whether the Labour Party can win the next election?

Dr. Fearne answers… “Yes, the Labour Party will win the next election and the one after it as well”.

What is the most absurd request you ever received from a constituent?

Once, a constituent asked me for a car equipped with a power steering, because this particular constituent had problems in his shoulder.