More Reported Sightings Of The Ghost of the Telgħa t’Alla w’Ommu in Naxxar

Many people mention that a lady ghost still appears in this area from time to time. Legend has it that this lady ghost is still looking for something or someone. Even in this day and age one could hear stories about people reporting having experienced odd or strange behavior in this road, especially at night.


However not many people can recount the real true story about this alleged female ghost. A local ghost-hunter, who spoke to us, said he researched this story and may have possibly cracked the enigma after many years of mystery.

The ghost hunter first started by analyzing documentation related to reports of apparitions in this area, he said that these peak during the summer period, prompting the local expert to associate these reports with a story which occurred in the area during the summer of 1944.

During the second world war an English couple, who at the time were still not married, used to live together, at the time considered a taboo, especially in catholic and conservative Malta. They lived partially in secret close to this area in a small and isolated one bedroom house. He was a pilot stationed in Malta with the Royal Air Force and his young lover was a teacher.


Usually, the Military, especially the officers, were allowed to live in the Pembroke barracks area were the living quarters were situated, however this officer couldn’t do so because he was still not married and at the time non-married partners were not allowed to live-in with non-military personnel, so he chose to live off-base with his girlfriend.

During the month of July 1944, this pilot was called for an urgent mission, to be flown over Tunisia, this had to be his last mission before being redeployed back to England. Before leaving he spoke to his partner and promised her that once he would return back he would fly with her back to England, announce her to his family, meet with her father and marry her.

The young lady kissed him passionately and made him promise that he would be back as soon as possible, he told her he can’t wait to be with her again. He packed his uniform as usual and left early in the morning for his mission.


The officer was scheduled to return back to his partner a few days later, he was a bit late, but she did not give much thought to this at first. The minutes turned into endless hours of waiting and misery. Undoubtedly she started to worry, went to the local police station begging for help to call the barracks for any news. The officers were not able to give any details over the phone, especially since at the time only a pilots’ spouse or parents were given any sort of information about their whereabouts, since she was not his lawful wife nor did his colleagues know anything about her they refused to talk to her about him over the phone.

So she headed back to their home and spent the evening waiting for the 8 o’clock news on the BBC radio, at the time transmitted via a local radio cable system called the Rediffusion, she heard that the aircraft which her boyfriend was flying over Tunisia never made it back to Malta’s airport and even though a search party was dispatched to the area to look for it no debris could be found.


Legend has it that this young lady never left her home which she shared with her lover, she kept hoping that her lover would eventually come back and spent most of her time waiting by the door. The story goes on that during the 1950s she was never seen again, however occasionally someone would report seeing lights going on and off inside the house and the area was very well kept as if someone still lived there.

Could this young lady still be waiting for her pilot boyfriend?