Breaking News: Chris Fearne Announces Leadership Bid, Ian Borg Supports him

In a short post on Facebook a few minutes ago Dr. Chris Fearne confirmed that he will be contesting for the position of Labour Party leader and Prime Minister, following Dr. Muscat’s announcement that he will be stepping down from both roles in mid-January.

Updated: Ian Borg Supports & Publicly Endorses Chris Fearne

Updated: A few minutes after Chris Fearne announced he will be contesting for the position of Labour Party leader, Ian Borg Minister for Transport announced that he will be supporting Chris Fearne. Ian Borg was up until now being considered as a possible adversary in the leadership role.


Earlier: Dr. Fearne said that this is a historic moment for the country and party. We are at a crossroads and choices that will be made soon will have a major effect on our future.

The country and the party are calling us to act, after speaking with my family and a large number of people, I decided to be submit my nomination for the post of leader of the Labour Party.

Dr. Fearne said that you will see that the whole truth will come out and justice is done, you will see

“I will see that the whole truth comes out and justice is carried out.” Dr. Fearne said

“I will ensure that Malta’s name is cleaned”

I will ensure that the institutions of the country are working with integrity, independence and separated from each other he continued.

7 Things You (Probably) Did Not Know About Chris Fearne

1. Christopher Fearne was born on the 12 March 1963

2. He received his formal education at St. Aloysius College and at the University of Malta, graduating in Medicine and Surgery in 1987, becoming a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He worked and studied in a number of children’s hospitals in England, including Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, he worked as a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Clinical Chairman at Mater Dei Hospital.


3. He was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Health in April 2014 and Minister for Health since April 2016. In July 2017, the Labour Party elected him as Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs, thus assuming the role of Deputy Prime Minister of Malta and Leader of the House.

The photo above shows Dr. Fearne and his wife Astrid. Photo uploaded on Dr. Fearne’s personal website biography.

4. Chris Fearne was elected to the House of Representatives in March 2013 following the electoral victory of the Labour Party. Chris Fearne was appointed Minister of Health in April 2016.


5. On 15 July 2017, he was elected as the Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs of the Labour Party, succeeding Louis Grech. and following his election as Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs, Chris Fearne was sworn in as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malta.

6. Dr. Fearne has been working as a doctor and surgeon for the last 27 years. He was also a lecturer in Paediatric Surgery at the University of Malta and an examiner at its Medical School. Fearne is a founding director of the Malta Institute for Medical Education and the chairperson of the Celebrities for Kids, voluntary NGO promoting children’s rights

7. Chris Fearne and his wife Astrid have three children: Dawn, Julian and Rafael