It-Torca Survey Confirms That Labour Party Is Still Ahead By A Wide Margin

A survey published this morning in newspaper It-Torca confirms that the Labour Party is still ahead and if an election were to be called now Labour would still win, again. We must remember that surveys carried out by “It-Torca” in the past have been very close to perfect when predicting the result of national and EU elections.


The survey is a scientific representation of the Maltese electorate and was carried out by Vince Marmara, who in the past was always very close to the real election results. This survey was carried out during the aftermath of new revelations in the Daphne Caruana Galizia investigations this week.

The newspaper, It-Torca says that the Labour Party has the same support as the last election in 2017. The article said that the survey revealed that the Labour Party has a 55.5% popularity rating and the Nationalist party has just 42.7% meaning there is a gap of 12.8%. The article concluded that the Prime Minister still enjoys the best confidence amongst the local population.

A few weeks ago another survey in the same newspaper carried by the same mathematician Vincent Marmara had stated that the Labour Party’s majority increased from 55% to 58.1% whilst the Nationalist Party’s popularity went down from 43.7% to 39.1%, which was close to an all-time low for the Nationalist Party.

When comparing both surveys it is evident that Labour lost some votes during the past week’s events however the gap is still comfortable for the Labour party.


When comparing the leaders, Dr. Joseph Muscat for the Labour Party and Dr. Adrian Delia for the PN, we can notice that Dr. Muscat is still comfortably ahead.

This is a very impressive feat, especially when one considers that the Labour Party has already been governing the Maltese islands since 2013. Political parties traditionally begin to lose some of their popularity after 6 years in power.

The entire article and survey results can be found on the It-Torca newspaper.


Muscat had managed to win comfortably the 2013 elections held on 9 March by over 35,000 votes on the Nationalist Party. The Labour Party won a massive 55% of the votes at the time.

In the 2014 MEP elections, the Labour Party retained a majority of 34,000 votes (53%). In 2017, Joseph Muscat was re-elected during the general election with Labour demonstrating a clear landslide victory for the second consecutive time, merely an hour after the vote counting commenced.