Footballer’s Heart Stops During Game Between Santa Venera & Kirkop

photo : Shamison Farrugia / Facebook

A footballer’s heart stopped abruptly during a game between Santa Venera & Kirkop. The Santa Venera player Yau-Mun Law stood still and fell to the ground, the game was immediately halted and first aid was administered until an ambulance arrived and paramedics performed CPR on the player.


The Footballer was later rushed to Mater Dei Hospital, still in a critical condition. In the meantime on Social Media a person close to the player stated criticized MFA and stated that it is not acceptable no ambulance was standing by at the football ground. He stated that during Premier Division games an ambulance is always on stand by, so why is it different for other divisions?

The social media post continued by stating that luckily the player is now in a better condition, but no further information about his health condition is known at the time of printing.

The Santa Venera football club stated on social media that it has no words to thank nurse Charlot Lanzon and photographer Walter Sargent who gave first aid to the player which was essential to save his life.


The team continued to state that fortunately it seems that his condition is stable, although he was given intensive care overnight. The club appealed for unity, prayer and courage, thanked anyone showing support in this difficult time.

Meanwhile, some football players are spreading the message that they will no longer be playing anymore unless there is an ambulance on stand by at the ground.