Tremor registered close to Gozo, No risk of Tsunami

Map above source: University of Malta Seismic research website

A tremor registered close to Gozo yesterday evening caused commotion on social media as a few people started posting that a tsunami might be approaching, however this is completely fake news as the conditions to form a tsunami were not met since the tremor reached only 3.7 level on the Richter scale.


The tremor was felt at around 10:30pm on Tuesday evening and many people living towards the northern part of Gozo reported feeling shaking and even some people from the , however no damages and no casualties were reported and all returned back to normal just a few seconds after.

However the discussion continued on Facebook during the night with people stating that a tsunami might be possible after news broke out that the earthquake was registered out in the sea close to Gozo, however this is scientifically impossible since the principal generation mechanism of a tsunami is the displacement of a substantial volume of water or perturbation of the sea and a 3.7 earthquake is absolutely not enough to create such conditions.


Such earthquakes and seismic activities are quite common in the Mediterranean region, in fact a number of other small tremors were registered in this area especially close to Sicily during the past days.