Local Farmer Says Demand For Lemons In Malta Exploded Since 2013

A local farmer is saying that demand for lemons in Malta has increased exponentially since 2013. He stated that “Everyone knows that Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and contain lots of health benefits and I hope that this is the main reason why the Maltese are buying more lemons”. However on second thoughts he admitted that it seems the current demand bears an uncanny correlation with the Labour Party’s ascension to power and demand for lemons has been increasing ever since the 9th March 2013.


The farmer who spoke to this portal stated that the increase in demand for lemons seemed to continue to increase in further bursts of massive demand just after the 3rd June 2017 general election results were out and even after the EU elections held on the 25th May 2014 and most recently on the 25th May 2019 as well.

After a thorough investigation, the only logical conclusion we can reach to explain this massive continuous increase in demand for lemons is that the Nationalists are behind this impressive demand, as they cannot seem to, at least stop, their popularity from diminishing further year after year. No matter what they do, they seem destined to continue with this trend and many are now resorting to drinking lemon tea as soon as they wake up, during the midday break and just before going to sleep as well to calm their nerves.


Well, at least lemons will keep you healthy so you if you are still supporting the Nationalist party you have two options: either continue drinking lemon tea on a daily basis or else join the winners and start supporting the Labour party and vote for Joseph Muscat during the next elections.