Masterplan For Malta’s Largest Largest Open Space For Families In TaQali Submitted This Morning

“Land which was until now being utilised abusively by third parties in Ta Qali has been taken back by the Government and will now be converted into a massive open space to be enjoyed by the general public” this was announced back in May 2019 by the Prime Minister of Malta Dr. Joseph Muscat. This morning the Masterplan for this project and regeneration of the Ta’ Qali National Park was submitted.


Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport Ian Borg this morning stated that this project will include picnic areas, a laguna, camping site and a BMX Park all finished up to the highest standards.

The Prime Minister had, back in May, stated that 80,000 trees will be planted and the park will include electric car services due to it’s massive size which is estimated to be around 52 acres of land, which roughly translates to around a third of the size of Hyde Park, a similar national park in London.

The Prime Minister said this is expected to cost around 20 million euro, such expenses will cover the conversion into a safe environment. Work on this largest open space for families will start soon. During the PL General conference speech a few days ago, Dr. Muscat had announced this project but did not provide any details, promising only that soon he will be announcing this latest project.


Muscat acknowledged the fact that now that the Maltese are enjoying economic and financial success the priorities are shifting towards spending quality time with their families in a friendly environment.

The photo below shows work already started on part of this area, where an ‘abusive’ cement factory stood and has now been demolished.


The new Malta National Park will include camping sites, an extension of the dog park, running tracks and the park will also extend up to Chadwick Lakes.

During the same conference Dr. Muscat also announced that the Government will soon be looking into adding roofing to the Santa Venera tunnels, this, he stated, would create another 13,000 square metres of space that families could enjoy. Both projects would create “a new lung for the country”


“This government knows that people want more open spaces, so we are providing the solutions,” the Prime Minister said.

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