100 Budget Proposals Which the PN Wants BUT Failed To Implement In 25 Years Of Government

It is easy to criticize, it is easy to propose family friendly measures, it is very easy to say that you want tax cuts and lower rates for the Maltese people. The Nationalist Party issued 100 proposals which on paper would turn Malta into a Heaven on Earth, BUT let’s not forget that in 25 years the Nationalist Party did not even try to implement just 1 out of these 100 proposals!


These are some of the proposals, which in theory sound fantastic, I mean who wouldn’t want less taxation and more income? But, how can a Government who inherited so much debt from the previous administration implement these now?

– Adequate old age income and pensions should be included as a baseline social rights

– NI paid by an individual between the ages of 16 to 18 could be used to compensate for any missing NI payments made during the subsequent years of employment


– Income tax on overtime and part-time work should be capped at 10%

– All work contracts should by default include employees’ basic rights

– Massage parlours which are being used for illicit purposes such as prostitution and human trafficking and are increasing sexually transmitted diseases, should be regulated

– The right to institute actio popolaris in all environment matters should be introduced

– The Environment Resources Authority should be given veto power in Planning Authority board decisions in cases of
major development applications in environmentally sensitive localities

– A carrying capacity study for Malta, in light of sharp population increases, has to be carried out

– A skyline policy for the whole country should be established, following proper consultation


– Legislation should be introduced to recognise that unreasonable noise is a form of pollution, to prevent and control those sources of noise that are not regulated, to provide guidelines to determine unreasonable noise levels, and to establish a Noise Control Board to deal with all issues related to noise pollution

РA mass transportation that will reduce travelling time between Malta’s main zones be introduced

– A carbon-neutral transport system for all government employees should be considered, particularly for those working in Valletta

– A long-term plan to help stop the brain drain that is plaguing Gozo should be developed