3 Reasons Why Women Perceive Bald Men as Sexier, More Intelligent & More Masculine – According to Science

Science is now confirming that Bald Men are really and truly perceived as More Attractive and More Confident

This, according to latest research reported by the University of Pennsylvania. The study identified 3 key traits that make bald men appear more confident and desirable…


1. Accepting and embracing Baldness increases your confidence

Men who start losing their hair, which is traditionally associated with masculinity, have two options, either panic and get depressed or else embrace their baldness, shave their head and carry on with life.

When men choose the second option they appear more confident as their level of masculinity is enhanced since unconsciously they are sending a message out that they don’t care what other people think, they are not hiding the fact that they are balding by wearing a wig or combing their hair over but rather they are just shaving their head, showing the world that they don’t care if their hair is no longer there, which in a surprise turn of events, makes them look much more confident and desirable.


2. Woman will notice more of a man’s facial features

It is believed that first impressions count most and in a chance encounter women tend to look at a man’s facial features quickly, focusing first on his facial structure and later on his eyes.

The newly published scientific research is showing that women will spend three times as much looking at a bald men’s eyes than they would if that same man had long hair.

It is a known fact that when women spend more time directly maintaing eye contact, they will feel more natural attraction towards that man and perceive him as more confident.


3. A bald face will trigger women’s natural motherly instincts

A bald man’s face reminds women of children and babies. This means that many women will naturally and unconsciously be more attracted towards men with shaved heads because their motherly instincts take over.

There is nothing a woman can do to stop these motherly instincts, it’s something engrained in their DNA and this plays to a bald man’s advantage as subconsciously women tend to look twice, without even knowing why, at bald men.

This has a ripple effect, over time bald men will start noticing that women tend to look more at them and they will start building up their confidence, whilst other women will start noticing that such bald men appear to exude more confidence and are thus even more attracted to them.