Why You Should Put A Lemon Next to Your Bed Every Night, According to Science

Everyone knows lemons are beneficial to us because of the high vitamin C level. We add this fruit to tea, and use we it when cooking and curing colds. However, there are more incredible properties of lemons. If you place a piece of lemon next to your bed, it will bring benefits to your health.


1. You will relax & sleep profoundly

The smell of lemon will calm your nervous system, reduce anxiety and relieve tension. The lemon aroma will help you clear your mind and you will sleep like a baby and wake up reinvegorated.

2. Your concentration and attention will improve.

Lemon has another fantastic property, inhaling it’s aroma every day, you become more concentrated and your mental activity and memory will improve. The smell of lemon will make you work and act more efficiently when you wake up.


3. People make fewer mistakes when their mind is accustomed to the lemon smell

It might sound surprising, but scientific research has shown that people who, whilst sleeping smell lemon aromas, report making much fewer mistakes during their work and family time. This discovery was made by Japanese scientists who studied computer programmers at work.

4. Your Mood will lift up

The smell of lemon can help you feel happier as your mind associates the smell of lemon with a more happier and relaxed environment.

5. You will be healthier

Lemon itself cleans the air from germs and has antibacterial properties, it acts as an excellent air purifier.


6. Lemon brings your Blood Pressure back to Normal

Many people suffer from hypertension and lemon can also help here. It has been scientifically proven that the smell of lemon lowers blood pressure. Also a cup of warm tea with a piece of lemon will bring your blood pressure back to normal.

(If you suffer or suspect you are suffering from hypertension you should always consult your medical doctor and if you are taking any medication you should never stop taking these unless instructed by a qualified medical professional).

Bonus : Insects won’t Bother you

Ants, flies , mosquitoes and other insects are unlikely to stay in your room if they can smell lemon. You don’t have to use chemical repellents which are also bad for humans to get rid of flies.

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