People Couldn’t Sleep After Watching New Netflix Horror Movie “Eerie”

Nuns are usually nice in real-life (unless they teach at an all-girls school) but if you see one roaming a cemetery at night, they will terrify you!

Haven’t you heard yet about the new horror movie “Eerie” on Netflix? It’s absolutely terrifying, some people are saying that it should be banned after watching it, some are saying they couldn’t sleep or wake up shouting with nightmares and most say they regret seeing it.


The problem is that once you start the movie you would want to continue watching until the very end as it is both captivating and also horrifying at the same time.

The unexpected and gruesome death of a student threatens the existence of an old Catholic school for girls. Pat Consolacion is the school guidance counsellor who involves herself with the students to help them cope. She also helps uncover the mysteries of the student’s death.

Most students suspect it is the strict and borderline abusive Mother Alice. This is because she also threatened Pat’s tenure in the school because of her continuous meddling with the case. But Pat’s unusual talents lead her to know Eri, a former student who has been watching the whole school for years. Pat uncovers the secret of the school and the monster that it nurtured for the past century

This student named Anna has to pee and wakes up, she’s trying to get someone to go with her (we all know women like to go to the toilet in pairs!) but nobody is waking up, so she goes by herself … She will regret it!

Bea Alonzo (Pat Consolacion as the students call her) is a guidance counselor of the Sta. Lucia Academy for girls. This is an exclusive all-girls private school run by Catholic nuns. Patricia’s affection for the students has caused her to independently make her own investigation about the suicide of a student named Erika.


This was done without notice of the head teacher; Charo Santos-Concio as Mother Alice,.Students of the academy are traumatized on the occasions of apparitions of the ghost of Erika. Anna, being one of the students, is sent home after this experience when she ventures alone at midnight where Erika supposedly hung herself.

What happens later is unimaginable!

Why is she covered in blood? Is it her blood or someone else’s? You will have to watch the movie to find out, but on second thoughts… don’t!!!

The movie was originally released in Singapore as a premiere during the Singapore International Film Festival and later was released in the Philippines on March 27, 2019, however due to the fact that it was so successful Netflix bought the rights for it.


You can watch the movie in it’s original language with with English subtitles. Whilst this is not convenient we have grown accustomed to such a setup on Netflix as other blockbusters such as Narco and Casa de Papel (Money Heist) were first shown in their original language with English subtitles and only later dubbed in English. People who have watched these in their original language say the experience is portrayed in a much more intense way as some of the original emotion is lost when dubbed in English.