Dr. Muscat, Please Don’t Go! Stay On!

This morning the Times of Malta published an article stating that an internal Labour poll suggests that Miriam Dalli, Chris Fearne, Ian Borg, Robert Abela and Konrad Mizzi are the top 5 contendors interested in taking over the Labour Party Leadership once Dr. Joseph Muscat resigns. The article goes on to say that Dr. Muscat may resign from Party Leadership either after the coming Budget or later during this legislature. However the article does not name any sources and does not if the source speaking to the Times was close enough to the Party Leadership, for the article to have any serious credibility at all or if this is all conjecture.


Many commentators on social media do not want Dr. Joseph Muscat to leave, as many Labourites attribute the successes of this Government directly to Dr. Muscat and expect the massive lead over the PN to subside at least slightly if Dr. Muscat leaves the scene.

The Labour Party returned to power, under Muscat’s leadership, back in 2013 with a majority of 36,000 votes.

Since then Malta has not been the same, the economy moved forward, reforms were announced and carried out for civil rights, water and electricity bills were lowered for families and businesses, the country stopped using heavy fuel oil, which is one of the most polluting agents, to generate electricity and instead opting for gas which is relatively way more cleaner for the environment.


In 2017 Dr. Muscat had to call another general election following serious allegations against him and his family, which later resulted to be completely false. The Labour Party once again won this election and Simon Busuttil, who at the time was leading the Nationalist Party had to resign his position.

Dr Muscat had declared that he will probably not be seeking another term as he believes that two terms for any Prime Minister should be enough. Nevertheless, many believe that Malta is doing so well economically thanks to Joseph Muscat’s new way of positive and inclusive politics that he should stay on as Prime Minister.

5 Reasons That Clearly Show Why Joseph Muscat Is The Best Prime Minister Malta Ever Had

1. Malta’s Economy is experiencing unprecedented growth Investor confidence in Malta is at an all time high.

Business-leaders and investors from all around the European Union are interested in Malta and according to the European Commission’s Winter 2019 Economic Forecast, Malta will be experiencing the fastest growth in the European Union during the coming months.


2. Record low unemployment rates

As a result of the booming economy unemployment in Malta during the past years continued to diminish drastically.

At present, the Unemployment rate stands at only 3.5% resulting in one of the lowest unemployment rate per capita throughout all of the European Union. Malta has in the past years had to import workers from other European Union countries.

Back in 2017 the Eurostat had reported that Malta registered a €436.6 million government surplus, setting us up as the highest registered EU surplus for the year reaching 3.9% of GDP, even exceeding the GDP (per capita) registered by Germany and the Netherlands.


3. Lower Electricity Bills

Eurostat figures show that during the past year, the energy prices in the European Union increased by more than €21 per kilo watt hour equivalent to 3.5%, the price of electricity for consumers in Malta on the other hand remained unchanged since the government led by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat reduced the bills by 25%.

4. A Government Working to Eradicate Poverty from Malta

The Government is taking a number of initiatives that will stop poverty in Malta thanks to a number of initiatives. A United Nations report published recently placed Malta among the best countries in the world who are fighting poverty.

5. Pensioners, Minimum wage increase

Pensioners saw the first increase in 25 years, as did Malta’s national minimum wage. Unemployment is now at an all-time low. Malta managed to transform a deficit budget into a surplus and is now one of the best performing countries in the European Union.

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