Is Steve Jobs hiding in Egypt after faking his death?

A photo taken a few days ago in Egypt showing this man who looks very much like Steve Jobs is doing the rounds on the internet and fueling controversy that Steve Jobs actually did not die and is still alive living a ‘simple’ life in Egypt, away from modern technology and problems relating to the running of the massive company he created – ‘Apple’.


Steve Jobs was always fascinated by Middle Eastern countries and he had spent lots of time in India in his twenties, just before going back to America and taking his company on a full-on war path with Microsoft, which at the time was the leading and nearly monopolistic tech giant.

Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in 2003. His battle with cancer lasted for eight years until he died of respiratory arrest as a result of the tumor in 2011. He was 56 when he died.

Since his death, people have pretty much accepted that Jobs is no longer alive however this changed completely during the past few days as soon as this photo emerged.


The photo which was uploaded to Reddit forum shows a man who looked exactly like Jobs sitting at a table in Egypt. Since the photo has been posted, people have been going crazy with conspiracy theories of how the Apple mogul could have faked his death in order to live out his life in anonymity and peace, something which those close to him always stated that he yearned for.

Everyone has been comparing this photo to the ‘real’ Steve Jobs photos and many have noted that not only does the person in the photo resemble the ‘real’ Steve Jobs but also his posture and the way he is holding his head seems to be exactly similar to his usual mannerisms.


Many people on the forum commented that there is no way that Steve Jobs could still be alive today because he would not have stood by seeing a number of flops from Apple without lifting a finger. The Apple company in fact seems to be on the way down without it’s charismatic founder.