End of Summer For Europe Already? Violent Thunderstorms Batter Madrid, Malta Weather Says Some Rain And Cooler Temperatures Will Reach Us During The Weekend

The photo above shows Madrid being scourged last night by violent storms that caused sudden floods, this is definitely a sign of climate change which is affecting southern Europe and is creating extremes in temperatures. A few days ago Madrid was basking in the sun at around 40 degrees celsius whilst within a few hours the sun disappeared completely and made way to violent thunderstorms which took the population by surprise. In the meantime, locally the Facebook page Malta weather site is announcing that summer will soon be over and Autumn will arrive during the weekend.


The Facebook page Malta Weather Site in a surprise post a few minutes ago announced that summer may be over as it is telling everyone to enjoy the last few days of summer as the weather is expected to enter Autumn-mode from this coming weekend across Malta and Gozo with cooler temperatures and possible rain showers that may be thundery at times!

However the MIA Weather does paint a different meteorological prediction for the Maltese islands. Today Wednesday 28th August is expected to be sunny and hot with temperatures reaching up to 31C and feeling like 34C.

Whilst tomorrow Thursday 29th August will be mainly cloudy, let’s not forget though that up to a few days ago MIA Weather office did predict isolated showers of rain for tomorrow Thursday, however their prediction is now showing a mainly cloudy situation with highest temperatures reaching up to 30C and feeling like 33C.


As from Friday 30th August the general weather situation in Malta according to MIA Weather is expected to be partly cloudy with temperatures reaching around 30C and feeling like 33C. Hardly the autumn that is being predicted by Malta Weather Site on Facebook.

Who will be right this time?! Only time will tell.