Possible Rain Showers Thursday & Sunday Evening As Unstable Weather Reaches Malta

The social media page of Malta Weather site is now listing that it is probably going to rain tomorrow, Thursday 29th August at times and on Sunday evening onwards. The weather page is stating that the rain showers may be thundery at times as well, however no severe weather is being expected.


This is occurring as a low pressure system is forming over the central Mediterranean and unstable weather will affect the Maltese islands.

The post uploaded this afternoon.

Earlier this morning, the same page which has been predicting rain showers for this period since a few days ago, posted that summer may be over as it is telling everyone to enjoy the last few days of summer as the weather is expected to enter Autumn-mode from this coming weekend across Malta and Gozo with cooler temperatures as well.

Weather forecasters are excited about this rain as the most prominent forecasters have been posting on social media pages announcing that rain is expected towards the latter half of this week, some have been predicting a wet weekend since last week as well. Thus the last week of August is expected to bring us the first rain.


Malta Weather site, the most followed online weather page also stated that temperatures across the Maltese islands are expected to ease off slightly and hover around the average mark from this coming weekend!

On the other hand, the social media page “It-Temp Madwarna” (roughly translated to “The Weather around us”) provided a very detailed explanation as to what is happening and also answered the question as to ‘why’ this is going to happen.

This social media site stated that instability is going to reach towards us, mainly affecting Italy, Algeria and Tunisia as well throughout the following days. This instability will reach the Maltese islands towards the latter part of this week especially on Thursday 29th and after.


The much dreaded humidity is expected to be felt throughout the next days and combined with the fact that wind force will be at a minimum this will mean the air will be felt ‘heavier’ than usual on humans.

The site agreed with the other predictions and stated that there exists some chance of rain for the weekend.

They continued to explain that we will start noticing more clouds in the sky and the temperature will diminish slightly, at the moment the temperature is reaching up to 33C during the day and 24C (low) during the night, however by the end of the week these will go down a few degrees Celsius and reach around 30C (high) and 22C (low).

On the other hand the MIA weather forecast is showing that no rain is expected tomorrow Thursday 29th, however the forecast issued by the Met Office is indicating that rain showers are expected next Monday 2nd September.