Africa is Burning Worse Than The Amazon, But No One Speaks About It

Climate change and man-made disasters are contributing to an ever increasing amount of fires around the world. Recently we heard how the Amazon is burning down, luckily the international community offered help and Brazil will send the army to tackle the fires. However, central Africa is burning down on an even larger scale and no one seems to be interested and talking about it.


Africa’s fires seem to be more violent and intense for a number of months now, however this might be the first time you are hearing about it! Images taken by NASA’s satellite utilised to measure the Earth’s temperature show a worrying image as massive areas in Angola and Congo are burning down.

The photo above shows that the situation in central Africa is much worse and international help is urgently required as both Angola and Congo lack the necessary resources to stop these fires. It is estimated that these fires are three times as worse as the Amazon fires which were given prominence in mainstream media.


In Africa farmers and ranchers start fires on purpose as they believe this will clean the soil and prepare it to be more fertile for crops and pastures, however this sometimes gets out of control and spreads wildly especially due to the soaring temperatures and dry vegetation which burns easily.

Other nearby countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar are more equipped to deal with such fires and have managed, so far, to contain the emergency, however fires in Angola and Congo are literally out of control.