Joseph Muscat Working to Eradicate Poverty from Malta

This morning, whilst speaking on One Radio, Dr. Joseph Muscat stated that the Government is taking a number of initiatives that will stop poverty in Malta. Dr. Muscat clarified that a report placed Malta among the best countries in the world who are fighting poverty, however the Prime Minister stated that there are still some cases and these will be tackled.


During the interview Dr. Muscat said that international studies show that 85% of Maltese and Gozitan families said the country’s economy is doing very good, this, Dr. Muscat explains the fact that the quality of life for families is high.

Dr. Muscat also noted that according to the Eurobarometer there were 75% of the Maltese who said that they consider themselves as living in the ‘Middle Class’.

This Government inherited a situation where poverty prevailed, now, various international reports are also acknowledging this Government’s results in being able to improve Malta’s situation.


Dr. Muscat outlined several measures taken by this Government such as an increase in pensions for the first time in a number of years, the way social services benefits are being utilised and guarantees for young people.

Dr. Muscat stated that this is a holistic result of this Government’s policies mainly in managing the economy and ensuring a sustainable growth.