Lija Fireworks Expected To Impress Tonight For Final Show

This evening the St. Michael’s Fireworks Factory, of Lija will be presenting its annual pyrotechnic show, part of the Lija’s traditional village feast. Thousands of fireworks lovers, tourists and locals attend this annual event, some arriving hours before the show start just to secure a great viewing spot.


The St. Michael’s fireworks factory has been manufacturing fireworks from scratch since 1925 and they also produce fireworks for other localities in Malta & Gozo. The Lija fireworks factory participates in annual competitions as well and has throughout the years won prestigious awards.

Fireworks enthusiasts woke up early this morning as a traditional mass was celebrated at the St. Michael’s Fireworks factory and soon after they started their final preparations before tonight’s final spectacle.


Lija’s fireworks enthusiasts always impress, the short video below from last year’s show clearly indicate the level of professionalism that we are to expect once again tonight for the final massive event.

The photo above shows the dedicated team that worked throughout the year to bring you the annual pyrotechnic spectacle, which most fireworks lovers say is one of the best shows in Malta.