Much Panic About The Prime Minister’s Tiny Tattoo, So What?! Why All the Fuss?

Earlier today the portal LovinMalta revealed that Dr. Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Prime Minister has a tiny tattoo on his right bicep. This was noticeable for a few seconds during a One News item whilst the Prime Minister was being interviewed on One Radio yesterday, the Prime Minister at the time was wearing a white shirt.


LovinMalta and are stating that the tattoo reads ‘Invictus’, which is a Latin word meaning Undefeated, to tell you the truth we tried zooming in and we are not 100% the tattoo states this, but anyway, Let’s face it – the fact that Dr. Muscat is undefeated is true thus we believe that Dr. Muscat did absolutely nothing wrong with tattooing this message on his right bicep.

What is wrong, in our opinion, is how Manuel Delia through a series of assumptions on his blog connected this to something related to Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Later on during the day Dr. Muscat wrote to LovinMalta and stated that “I consider this to be a personal choice and do not intend discussing it or its meaning – Since nobody ever asked, and to be transparent, you should know I have more than one tattoo and have carried them for a number of years.”


Therefore we ask – what is wrong with sporting such a tattoo?

The answer… Absolutely nothing.

In fact there are many more world leaders who have publicly stated that they have tattoos, a most notable example is Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister. He has various large tattoos and doesn’t mind showing them off!

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister

Other famous, historical world leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill also sported tattoos.


So… Yes, Dr. Joseph Muscat has a tatoo, what’s all the fuss about?!