House in St. Julian’s with no walls and See Through Pool, What do you think about it?!

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This terraced house situated in St. Julian’s has glasses instead of front walls and a see through pool on the roof. How cool is that?


It was designed by an Italian Architecture studio called Architrend. They announced their design on the website and also released more photos and some details about this project.

They stated that “House B”, as they are calling it, is situated in the seaside town of St. Julian’s and was built in the place of a terraced house which was demolished and reconstructed to fit the needs of the clients.


he residence is built out of reinforced concrete, while its front elevation incorporates a glazed facade which allows it to stand out from the traditional buildings that surround it.

The first photo above shows how the terraced house looks at night, no other word to describe it other than spectacular.

The second photo reproduced above shows the breath-taking views from within.

We certainly agree that the house looks stunning, however one has to ask the obvious question – Will the tenants have any privacy at all?

Our sincere opinion… Looks really cool and impressive, but probably not practical to live in, unless you don’t mind living in a Big Brother scenario all day (and night) long.